Have you ever scanned an image or taken a digital photo, looked at it on a computer screen and then printed it in colour only to find that the colour image on the screen bears very little resemblance to the colours produced by the printer? What you have experienced here is the lack of colour management.

ABT recognise the importance of accurate reliable colour output within your business. Working in partnership with the world leaders in colour management we have developed a workflow process that allows you to achieve consistent colour output using the latest hardware and software available. Individual colour profiles can be created to ensure consistency of colour, these include:

  • Monitor Profiles
  • Scanner Profiles
  • Camera Profiles
  • Inkjet Profiles
  • Colour Laser Profiles
  • Press Profiles

Colour management is an essential component for today’s digital output technologies, whether it be a projector, monitor or laser printer. The need to produce accurate colour from a variety of sources can only be achieved through accurate calibration.

ABT can provide your business with a flexible solution designed to meet the challenges of colour output in a digital world:

  • Accurate on-screen and projected colour
  • Reliable colour from monitor to printer
  • Consistency and repeatable output from your Sharp colour printer