Advanced Business Technologies (ABT)

ABT is one of Australia’s largest independent dealership for Copiers, Printers, and Multi-Functional Devices (MFD’s).

ABT has also evolved in the technology sphere, by providing extended services on an interactive platform, such as Secure Printing Solutions, Workflow Solutions, Cost Allocation - Cost Recovery Software, Colour Management Systems, Document Management Automation, Cloud-Based Technology Solutions and full Business Solution Integration.

ABT is an exciting organisation which has rapidly positioned itself to be a new market leader in a dynamic and competitive industry. As a leading provider of business essentials, our strong relationships with key manufacturers and the volumes we purchase gives us the ability to keep prices low using the competitive advantage of volume and efficiency. This means you reap the rewards of our significant buying power, taking your budget further.



Environmentally Advanced Company

Supporting Local Charities

ABT takes a serious attitude to the role a responsible Company should play in the Community it serves. We have therefore dedicated ourselves, to identify specific organisations which contribute to the Education of our future generation or those who lend support to the disadvantaged and needy in our society. The organisations chosen are “not for profit” and provide services which are essential to the wellbeing and development of our society.